Des Was a Bowie Fan (Magazine)

If you’ve picked up the club’s official magazine, Fishing Rod Reel Handle, and kept it between your hand and eyes for longer than the intro, God bless you. As Covid-19 puts the club and Pop culture as a communal experience on its arse, there will now be more.

On its club hiatus, Des Was a Bowie Fan is now a twice monthly magazine. It will arrive to the subscribing masses for postal delivery on the second and final Thursday of each month, bursting at the staplers with songs of praise and words of wisdom and despair from the margins. It will also include Dai Disco’s fortnightly mix, bringing to life the sounds of our club Radio Station, and the sounds of the margins, in CD form.

To subscribe to a special or regular delivery, here are the details and costs:

1 month subscription: £5

2 month subscription: £10

3 month subscription: £15

4 month subscription: £20

6 month subscription: £30

Payment options:

Paypal: / Please follow up paypal payments with an email to, including your name, address.

Bank Transfer: N Jones / Sort Code: 07 02 46 / Account Number: 14206933 / Please follow bank transfers up with an email to, including your name, address and length of subscription in the subject box