“A post-Peel, post indie market-place discotheque
in the spirit of the pirates, fags and runaways” – Llewelyn Bowen

“a Dai Dominoe-rally of indiepop, new wave, post-punk, Northern Soul and rock’n’roll for lovers and dreamers; put your faith in this dancefloor” – Oyster Boy 

“One of London’s best indie / soul clubs” – New Musical Express

For invites to our clubnights befriend Dai Disco here
He won’t send you naked photos,  don’t worry.
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Des Was a Bowie Fan is a London / Welsh Valleys clubnight playing sweet indiepop, new wave, shards of disco, post-punk, Northern Soul and rock’n’roll

des bowie mime image

The next Des Was a Bowie Fan is on Saturday March 30th at the Dalston Victoria



Here’s our GIG NIGHT before, delivering the ace Cowboy Flying Saucer and Moscow Nights to the heart of Saturday night. Get pissed here first and paint the dancefloor how it should be.

♥ We play: Dexys Midnight Runners * Pulp * Belle and Sebastian * Brigitte Bardot * Blondie * The Smiths * Serge Gainsbourg * Suede * The Ramones * The Ronettes * The Shangri-Las * Aretha Franklin * The Temptations * Diana Ross & The Supremes * Ladytron * Le Tigre * David Bowie * Little Richard * The Cure * The Fall * The Buzzcocks * Elvis Costello * Elvis Presley * The Field Mice * Camera Obscura * Johnny Cash * Jackie Wilson * White Stripes * Talking Heads * The Raincoats * Joy Division * Veronica Falls * Martha Reeves and the Vandellas * The Magnetic Fields * The Beach Boys * Pet Shop Boys * Pixies * Art Brut * T-Rex * The Beatles * Dusty Springfield * Depeche Mode * Broder Daniel * Bronski Beat * Belinda Carlisle * France Gall * New Order * Jens Lekman * Jonathan Richman * The Jesus and Mary Chain * Candi Staton * Chemtrails * Omar Souleyman * Orange Juice * Los Campesinos! * James Brown * The Indelicates * The Rolling Stones * Mary Wells * Kim Weston * Sonic Youth * Slowdive * Arcade Fire * The Four Tops * Flowers * The Flirtations * Frank Wilson * The Undertones * Ritchie Valens * Meilyr Jones * Prince * The Velvet Underground ♥

myface page

des karina new april

des alphaville formative poster

 Upcoming Nights

Saturday March 30th at The Victoria (Dalston)

Des Flyer Back


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