Clinging to the Handlebars

Dai Disco on recent listening including Mammoth Penguins, Mikrofisch, Night Flowers, and The Courtneys
courtneysAfter the jockeys in the greyhound racing let me down for the third week in a row I found myself serving time as Vincent Van Goth. But luckily it wasn’t long before the light crept back in under the door and Mammoth Penguins were beamed into my path like a hobble on Yossa Hughes’ route home from the dole. Their songs have a longing beauty, Emma Kupa’s voice holding onto spiky guitars like Hi Five Ghost clinging to the handlebars of his BMX as it speeds around corners through the town searching for his long lost love Celia.

After seemingly being abducted by the lo-fi Synth-Pop gods, Mikrofisch resurfaced with ‘The Official Jellyfish Underground’. It bounces along with drum beats and synths like Brautigan with headphones spewing out TV Girl, drinking cans on the way to watch Mordecai and the Rigby’s.

Night Flowers sprouted from the void with jangling guitars and soft voices like The Pains of Being Pure at Heart commandeering The Cure through the park where your ghosts hang out. At the exit Thornton Halfwit and Karen Condom emerged from its shady stands like a council estate Bonnie and Clyde, armed with cans of Barnstormer. The Thlyds’ latest assault conjures elaborate death scenarios for the ‘national treasures’ – “Jeremy Paxman with an axe man, Brian Cox hunted down like a fox”.

From there to a weeping garden of fuzzy lushness with The Hundredth Anniversary’s beautiful, slow burning ‘Wreckers’ EP. Eleanor Rudge’s words echo through the haze like faces from the campfires of youth, rising and falling like Tyrannosaurus Dead on a final comedown.

Other beats in and out of the speakers like Jack the Rat in the lanes on Saturday night include The Courtneys ‘Lost Boys’ with its relentless guitars painting pictures of the vampire boys, oozing coolness with every word, No Ditching’s ‘Face Ache’ EP with 2 minute punk-Pop nuggets like Pris guerrilla gigging at a Colour Me Wednesday show, with songs starting and ending faster than the Ramones’ 20 songs in 17 minutes set.

Epic synth-punk-power-Poppers The All About’s ‘You Make It Look So Easy Volume 1′ with huge choruses and odes to lovers lost along the way, Young hellions’ ‘Sympathetic Magic’ with its screeching guitars and overpowering voice from the darkness like French for Rabbits and Astro children learning spells under a bridge at witching hour, Grubs’ 90 second fuzzed up indie-rollercoaster ‘Dec 15’, and Trick Mammoth’s delightful ‘Candy Darling’ from the upcoming Doll picture disc.

Dai Disco

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