DWaBF Shivers Inside Series

shivers inside
From September till the early months of next year, look out for our frankly eye-popping series of central London jamborees dedicated to 6 sets of Pop magicians that the world-weary music media have left relatively untouched; wiry heroes whose lyrical ways and musical knack have made us shiver inside in the past few decades. Alongside our monthly jaunt at Paper Dress Vintage, we will be ceremoniously rolling out discotheques in tribute to Tullycraft, Hefner, Helen Love, Ballboy, Felt/Denim/Go Cart Mozart (merged due to the person of Lawrence) and Half Man Half Biscuit in a selection of venues, beginning on Saturday September 13th with this Tullycraft Special.

Of course you can argue that these 6 are interchangeable with a whole bunch of other heartbooming bands on the outside of everything. Yet these are the ones which came to mind most persuasively at the moment of conception; and if we were to give it any more thought we’d perhaps end up collecting string on the streets with Dai Rollo and a daily keg of Kestrel.

We might reach the end of this little journey or we might not. The sure thing is we’ll dance a lot and get diabolically pissed on the way.

For invites and updates befriend Dai Disco here

Shivers Inside so far…

September 13th: Tullycraft Special at the Shacklewell Arms with guest DJs Stolen Wine Social, for which Tullycraft provided us with this haul.

October 18th: Hefner Special at the Alleycat on Denmark Street (guest DJ TBC). This became this since we didn’t want to do a Hefner Special directly after the Belle and Sebastian night at How Does it Feel to be Loved? The Hefner Special will be re-scheduled for 2015.

December 6th: Ballboy Special with guest sets before the club from Gordon McIntyre (Ballboy), The Bobby McGees and Simon Love at The Alleycat. Guest DJs El Presidente (Fortuna Pop!) and Morgan Giles (Electrocute / If You Tolerate Bis, Then Kenickie Will Be Next).

Here’s a page we set up to remember the night – Shivers Inside: A Ballboy Special at the Alleycat


February: Re-scheduled Hefner special with special guest DJ TBC / venue TBC.

March: Half Man Half Biscuit Special (guest DJ TBC)

April: Helen Love Special (guest DJ TBC)

May: Felt/Denim/Go Cart Mozart Special (guest DJ TBC)

*Shivers Inside is derived from the wonderful series by John Carney, which can be located in the cavernous realms of tangents.co.uk

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