Shivers Inside: A Ballboy Special at The Alleycat: 06/12/2014


des ballboy special

Some songs that Gordon played…

Ballboy – I Need Two Hearts

“I need two hearts, one to breath with, and one to give away”

Ballboy – Dumper Truck Racing

“It’s ok, cos someday we’ll be millionares”

Ballboy – Time Out Guide

“There is only love, there is only hope, there is only hope and love tonight”

Ballboy – Songs for Kylie

“You loved me then, I was almost sure”

Ballboy – A Relatively Famous Victory

“We have nothing to fear, even fear itself has been defeated now, they say / but the sorrow is that you’ll never know, my love”

Ballboy – We Can Leap Buildings and Rivers But Really We Just Want to Fly

“Kiss me tonight I will love you forever / don’t want to think I just want to give in”

Ballboy – Something’s Gonna to Happen Soon

“And the cellos kick in…”

Ballboy – Meet Me at the Shooting Range

“if I was to kill you I’d do it in style / there would be planning, and preparation”

Ballboy – I Gave Up My Eyes to a Man Who Was Blind

Pearlers from the club…

Ballboy – Where Do the Knights of Sleep Go When They Do Not Come To Me

Ballboy – I Don’t Have Time to Stand Here With You Fighting Over the Size of My Dick

Ballboy – All the Records On the Radio Are Shite

Ballboy – Avant Garde Music

“The girl who works in the record shop, she says that I am not avant garde enough / so what, she only works in a record shop, she only works in a record shop / and I don’t give a fuck what she says or she thinks about me”
Ran out of time to play…

Ballboy – Public Park

“If I had a husband like you, I would take long walks too”

Ballboy – I’ve Got Pictures of You in Your Underwear

Ballboy – I Lost You, But I Found Country Music

The Bobby Mcgees…

Ivor Cutler is Dead


Simon Love…

Wowie Zowie

Santa’s Beard


Christmas box…

christmas box

Christmas single from The Thlyds – I Mugged Santa Claus

The Lennon Sisters – Outer Space Santa

Jonathan Richman – Abominable Snowman in the Market

The Pipettes – Santa’s On His Way

Lovely Eggs – Tyrannosaurus Dead For Christmas

Glam Chops – Countdown to Christmas

The Ramones – Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want to Fight Tonight)

Other stuff played at the club that people wanted to put a name on but I had no pen…

Helen Love – Atomic Beat Boy

Martha – 1967, I Miss You, I’m Lonely

Martha – 1997, Passing in the Hallway

T.O.Y.S – X Static

Hefner – The Hymn For the Cigarettes

Half Man Half Biscuit – Bad Losers On Yahoo Chess

The Spook School – I’ll Be Honest

Hefner – I Love Only You

One that folded in the mixer…

Lonnie Donegan – Rock Island Line

Salvaged from the shadows…


des dec 6 9

And for our new pal Jonny Justice (pictured above in his element in a No Cars T-shirt), who sang this at his school’s talent contest when he was 13

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