Des Was a Bowie Fan Radio

des dai disco

Des Was a Bowie Fan radio is a continuation of the avalanche of impulsive Pop heard at the club, only with room for music beyond the dancefloor. It is a perpetual excavation of heartbreak songs from the 60s soul and rock’n’roll eras, sat on the beat of the modern, from garage punk to new wave, post-punk, indiepop and the unclassified.

As with the clubnight, we are not fed by established media and music industry outlets, and feed into no market or pattern of music consumption. All music is chosen and played whilst naked apart from fisherman’s bait belts, thigh-high waders and a straw hat. Original programs are a series of two hour tyrannies.

If you want to pop us your music, it’s

Each final Saturday of the month we put on a gig night before our club at the Dalston Victoria in London town.


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For accompanying information on the tracks listen from here – Des Was a Bowie Fan Radio