Extra Info

Des Was a Bowie Fan is a twice-monthly London clubnight “founded” in January 2013, playing a mixture of new and classic indiepop, new wave, post-punk, garage punk, riot grrrl, Motown, Northern Soul and rock’n’roll; Buddy Holly to The Supremes, Bowie and The Smiths to Pulp and Belle & Sebastian
The club was born at Tutu’s nightclub on the 6th floor of King’s College on the Strand, and was resident there until its closure in summer 2013. The final song played there was Hefner’s Painting and Kissing. We have since took up residencies at Paper Dress Vintage, The George Tavern and currently Jamboree and Juju’s Bar and Stage in the East End.
Guest DJs at the night have included Darren Hayman of Hefner and Darren Hayman fame, Rocker Rosehip of The Flatmates, the brilliant klezmer band The Turbans, Sean Price of Fortuna Pop!, Morgan Giles of the All Wrongs Reversed blog, local legend The Gig Slut, Karren and Sandy of Stolen Wine Social, Miguel Gil of former Madrid Pop club Pacific Street and ace new indiepop bands The Wharves, Wolf Girl and Ghost Car.
We run a fanzine called Fishing Rod Reel Handle, to be located at some corner of the night, or possibly on the floor. It features mixtapes and articles on music, life, love, dreaming and fishing on the riverbanks of the Welsh valleys. It is not a homage to cult Pop band The Siddeleys, who ran one called Trout Fishing in Leytonstone, and whose music can often be heard at the night, but rather a very happy coincidence.

For updates on the night and occasional blasts from the margins, our facebook page is here.We’re on lastfm if you’d like to pop your head in there.

The name of club comes from an idea for a poster at the time of launching the night in 2013. We began at a place called Tutu’s on the 6th floor of King’s College on the Strand. The venue was named after the bishop and civil rights activist Desmond Tutu, and I wanted to merge his head into David Bowie’s on the poster. Des is thus the great Mr Tutu!

DWaBF is a queer-friendly night.


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