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Des Was a Bowie Fan a London clubnight playing indiepop, post-punk, new wave and Northern Soul. It was responsible for cult indiepop band Hefner’s ‘Painting and Kissing’ being the final song ever played at the famous Tutu’s nightclub on the Strand in 2013, and has since taken up residencies at Paper Dress Vintage, The George Tavern and Jamboree in London’s East End.

The club runs alongside a zine called Fishing Rod Reel Handle, featuring mixes from the Pop cultural margins and musings on loving, dreaming and fishing on the riverbanks of the Rhondda Valley, and an online radio station.

“A post-Peel, post indie market-place discotheque in the spirit of the pirates, fags and runaways” – Llewelyn Bowen

Guest DJs at the club have included Eddie Argos of Art Brut, Darren Hayman of Hefner, Rocker Rosehip of The Flatmates, the brilliant klezmer band The Turbans, Sean Price of Fortuna Pop!, Morgan Giles of the All Wrongs Reversed blog, London legend The Gig Slut, Karren and Sandy of Stolen Wine Social, Miguel Gil of Le Twenty-Two Bar, The Wharves, Wolf Girl and Ghost Car.
  It is Wales’ 600th most successful export across the bridge, coming in just before Gindrinker’s ode to darts in popular culture and just after Shakin’ Stevens’ autobiography.
To be quaint, we also have a lastfm page.

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